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The Dark Prophecy (The Trials of Apollo Book 2) The second book in the latest series from international bestselling author, Rick Riordan He was once an immortal God, now he s an awkward teenager Things aren t going well for Apollo There s only one way he can earn back Zeus favour, and that s to seek and restore the ancient oracles but that s easier said than done Apollo must head to the American Midwest where, rumour has it, a haunted cave may hold answers There are a few things standing in his way though The cave could kill him, or drive him insane Oh, and a Roman Emperor, whose love of bloodshed makes Nero look tameTo stay alive, Apollo needs the help of a mortal goddess, a bronze dragon, and some familiar faces from Camp Half Blood Will he survive the greatest challenge of his four thousand year existence More books by Rick Riordan The Percy Jackson series Percy Jackson and the Lightning ThiefPercy Jackson and the Sea of MonstersPercy Jackson and the Titan s CursePercy Jackson and the Battle of the LabyrinthPercy Jackson and the Last OlympianPercy Jackson The Demigod Files The Heroes of Olympus series The Lost HeroThe Son Of NeptuneThe Mark of AthenaThe Heroes of Olympus The Demigod Files The Kane Chronicles series The Red PyramidThe Throne of FireThe Serpent s Shadow The Magnus Chase Series Magnus Chase and the Sword of SummerMagnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead

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