Ó Craniofacial Pain: Neuromusculoskeletal Assessment,

Craniofacial Pain: Neuromusculoskeletal Assessment, Treatment and Management This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States The authors combine the latest evidence based knowledge from the fields of orthodontics, plastic and neurosurgery, as well as otolaryngeal treatments, physiotherapy and manual therapy to provide new treatment strategies for clinicians interested in craniofacial problems This approach is based on the latest clinical reasoning models Grounded in pain science theory and modern craniofacial growth concepts, the techniques can be integrated into any manual, neuro orthopaedic orientated treatment model This approach can be easily used in the daily clinic and adapted to a variety of patterns of craniofacial painPractical, evidence based and comprehensiveHighly illustratedClearly described manual techniques and management strategiesClinically relevantIncludes contributions from leaders in the fieldCovers adult and paediatric treatment

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